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Side-step costly agencies and unreliable freelancers

Are you tired of the process of finding a web expert, communicating your project, tracking the progress, and providing direction and input - all to find you're over budget, or your freelancer has failed to deliver?

Worry no more, Merce Web has got you covered. We offer subscriptions for all of your WordPress website needs. From website design, and development, to maintenance and SEO, choose the plan that's right for your business and get high quality work delivered on time for a fixed monthly fee.

Why Choose Our Plans Over Anyone Else?

World Class

From landing page designs to website functionality, the quality of our work is on par with the big name brands in the market - and our clients can attest to this.

Super Fast

Whether it's plugin fixes, logos, posts, web pages or entire websites you can submit your request and we'll deliver it within a few business days.


Raise as many requests on your private board and we will see to it that each request is delivered to your satisfaction.

Fixed Monthly

Pay the same rate each month and know what to expect with no surprises or extra charges.

Choose The Plan That’s Right For You

Choose a plan that meets your core business need, or select two or more to ensure all bases are covered.


Website Care & Security

Website Optimisation

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